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Can you tell someone´s blood type through their personality?

Well, call me crazy … no wait … you already did that. :p



But now I´m back with backup. I asked on my forum:



You can see there answers here:


Can you tell whether or not someone is rh negative?

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The “Secret” Woodstock before Woodstock

In 1968, a year before Woodstock, a small Flemish village organizes the first Rock and Roll festival. They get some of the most influential artists of that time to play: Ike and Tina Turner, The Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Arthur Brown. Up till now the true impact of this milestone in music history has been kept secret.


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3 vacation spots you haven’t heard of? (Or have you?)

One good thing about these places is that once you get there, they are all pretty cheap to get around. The only thing you have to do is get there. So find a great deal on airline tickets and be on your way!

Luquillo Puerto Rico

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 Halmahera Island Indonesia

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A short movie produced by BELAJARDIVING.COM about scuba diving in Halmahera Island Indonesia. Still near the famous Raja Ampat in papua, this halmahera could be an alternative for you paradise seeker. The location in this film are Ternate, Tidore, Gunange, Guraichi, Pulau Bacan, and Saleh. Directed by Kaufik Anril, you can see the spectacular underwater world and aerial view of the island.


Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

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Consisting of two islands, the larger, Perhentian Besar, and the smaller, Perhentian Kecil, the Perhentian Islands are just about an hours boat trip from Kota Baru on the North East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

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O negative blood: Sperm donation and reduced birth defects

You do not need to get a Sperm donation.

Get a blood type compatible partner:

Sperm donation and reduced birth defects

Children conceived through sperm donation have a birth defect rate of almost a fifth compared with the general population. This may be explained by the fact that sperm banks only accept donors who have good semen quality, and because of the rigorous screening procedures which they adopt. In addition, sperm banks may try to ensure that the sperm used in a particular recipient woman comes from a donor whose blood group and genetic profile is compatible with those of the woman.

Sperm donation and rhesus incompatibility

Sperm donation is also used in cases of rhesus incompatibility. This particularly occurs where a woman is rhesus negative, and her partner is rhesus positive. The woman’s body may reject a foetus if it has rhesus positive blood. Anti D injections have been developed and may be used to attempt to avoid this, and these are usually automatically given to rhesus negative women immediately after they give birth to their first child. However, in the past this was either not possible or was not always routinely undertaken where a woman had gave birth or had an abortion and she may have trouble carrying a child later in life. Furthermore, for some women, the anti D injection does not provide the entire solution, particularly where there is a medical history of complications during pregnancy which risk the woman’s blood and that of the foetus becoming mixed. In such cases, sperm from a rhesus negative donor can provide the solution and a woman may be able to conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term when otherwise this would not be possible. For this reason, sperm from rhesus negative sperm donors is often in great demand, particularly those with the O negative blood group who are universal donors.

Need more information?


What type of lover are you according to your blood type?

Who is your perfect blood type match?

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When do rh negative women need the Anti-D shot?

Here is some important information for all rh negative women:

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Why does dating according to your blood type produce the best matches?

Watch the video:

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Blood Type Frequency Studies including the Rh Factor

Despite common disbeliefs, blood type and ancestory genetically speaking are well connected. Whatever chances for your blood type being what it is depends to a large portion on where your origin lies. The following demonstration is a chart of world blood type frequencies based on country, but in order to get a better idea on how the overall percentage is just an accumulation of tribal blood type distributions sometimes varying greatly from one another, do search this blood for blood type related articles and ask yourself what your ancestry might be if you do not have the most common blood type for the country you call your home.

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The Rh Negative Connection: The History of the Basques, Berbers, Samis and Guanches

In the past 2 years I have been reading a lot of articles based on the travels of the tribes. A lot of theories have been born, but DNA does not lie and neither does blood.

Now, I am not as interested in the past 2,000 years as I am in the past 10,000 years, even though a few groups are new, highly rh negative, but their presence is a little more obvious than let’s say the origin of the Sami or Cherokees would be.

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Watch as 1000 years of European borders change

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Youtube vs. Abuse of Power

Can you imagine what went down before there was cell phone cams and Youtube?

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Why Facebook Dropped $19B On WhatsApp

So what happened in the last year? WhatsApp looks to have pulled so far ahead of Facebook in developing markets that there was no way to catch up. Mark Zuckerberg said in a post today that the app was on its way to reaching 1 billion users.



See more here:

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Do you believe in Bitcoin?

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Joe Rogan talks about DMT

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How do you measure happiness on a national scale?

Do you think that the happiness charts you see are accurate? How do you measure happiness? Aren´t some people happy, but less likely to state it while some miserable ones are in a habit of pretending everything is ok when it isn´t?

This is a chart of how many people a year out of 100,000 worldwide off themselves by country.

According to this list …
Unhappiest country: Greenland. According to feedback from Icelanders: 100 percent correct.

Happiest: Nepal. I have no clue. But I can ask around.

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Was Michael Jackson castrated as a child?

This sounds like a wild theory. But think about it: In Europe is was done all the time with choir boys to keep them from losing their voices during teen years. Now could it be that Michael Jackson was castrated so he could keep his high singing voice?

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I have no idea, but I am not the only once thinking of this as a possibility.
The passing of Michael Jackson raises the question: was he a castrato counter tenor?

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Warning: New code to hack your Facebook account makes rounds

Here is a quick translation of an article in Spanish warning of another hacking wave on Facebook:


These days it is very possible that we have been tagged in a Facebook post in which we get a code that supposedly giving the password of any of our contacts , since its purpose is quite different : it really does is to label all our contacts in a post and subscribe to a fanpage us without our consent.

The head of the publication in which we labeled as follows:
They want to ” hack” – have the password of the account of someone on Facebook ? Exploit this vulnerability before they realize and remove it , it’s working RIGHT NOW !
1. They need to use Google Chrome
Two . They get the person profile
Three . They press the F12 key
April . They go to the section / tab that says “Console”
May . , presionan y listo!!!”>Copying and pasting the following code <view down> , press ENTER and presto! Pop-up window will open with the password of that person !

Facebook -Hack

Or what is the same , we are given instructions to inject code from the Chrome developer console . A little let’s look at the code you will realize that it really does is very different from that offered by labeling all our contacts and Facebook in a publication like doing to a specific page . If you want to find out what the landing page you have only to look for the numeric string in the position shown in the attached capture and copy it to the browser window with the following structure: [ injected number]

In short, this fake method of hacking is actually a script for fraudulently followers , something that Facebook can detect and could even lead to the closure of the account in question has been made ​​use of these methods. As always , common sense is the best weapon to protect against this kind of fraud .



Original here:

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Man loses finger. Stem cell powder grows it back.

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Define “Bitcoin”

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