“Wikileaks is a psy-op!” by Justin Cooke

Hey guys I am so sick of all the promoting of Wikileaks by everyone lately. In my opinion it is a bunch of bullshit that was put out to make Israel look good and let out some non-damaging info that we already know. They really tried to sneak in something about Iraq actually having WMD’s. The “cables” that were released were just part of the game. Many of the people who were “targeted” were people who are friends to the NWO. Hillary Clinton even put on a good act. Sorry guys, nothing to see here. Let’s be honest: Do u really believe that Interpol and the US government cannot find Assange? Is he the new Osama? His ties go from the Rothshilds banking family to the CIA, Pentagon, and Mossad. This is all part of the plan to take the internet down in favor of “Internet 2”. They also want to make Israel look squeaky clean and as I have said the ones on the US are not very dangerous. Bill O’Reilly among others are playing along with this. Why would the lamestream media choose to give this that much coverage. They can just pretend it did not even happen like they have done with Building 7.

Don’t get me wrong. I am glad that people are realizing the US is committing war crimes but like I said these were hardly harmful or anything new. They earned your trust with the “Collateral Murder” video and the 9/11 text messages. Don’t fall for this guys. In my opinion it stinks to high heavens!

“Isn’t this the guy who Bruce Willis killed in Diehard 1?” John Scott

Here’s a catalog of links showing Wikileaks and Assange is a big psy-op.


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  1. Justin Cooke

    So there’s 2 of us out there that aren’t retarded. Awesome. This WikiLeaks thing smelled rotten from the start.

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