Are you a traveller with a rare blood type?

Many other reasons are there to find out your blood type before you travel. Your blood type can impact how likely you are to contract certain illnesses and diseases as well as how your body reacts to it.
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One thing many travellers have learned the hard way is the fact that blood group frequencies can vary strongly from country to country.
Let’s say your blood group is O negative for example, the universal donor who can give to almost everyone, but can only receive blood from someone who is also blood group O negative.
If you are in the Philippines or Taiwan, only 1 in 1,000 people will carry the blood group you need in case of an emergency transfusion.

That is why it is very important to know in advance who to contact should you be in need of emergency blood.

A few organizations worldwide are dedicated to helping you and other people with rare blood groups find a donor very fast should you be in need.


Click the image above so you will not be in the situation like him or her.



Many people have died in countries where the rare blood types are even rarer. Doctors often ignore the rh factor completely, especially in cases of emergency. Technically speaking you can survive one of those rh incompatible if you don’t have any antibodies built yet. But if for whatever reason you have the antibodies, a quick death can occur quite easily.
So inform yourself before you harm yourself. And take a trip without these types of surprises ever having a chance to take place.

And say “Hi!” to the people who run organizations helping each others with their rare blood types such as Rhesus Negatif Indonesia:


And oh yeah: Drive safely!

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