Does Ricky Gervais normalize pedophilia with “humor”?

Remember Dave Chappelle being accused of normalizing R. Kelly by making fun of him?

How is this any different?

Why are people throwing their supportive energy at someone whose motives and effects of “actions” are questionable at best?

Is it that people want to pretend they have done something hiding behind someone else’s face?

Similar to not being educated about environmental issues and rather having a face speak in their name so they can say they are doing something?

Nudity is everywhere, male or female, and in your face, especially the type that doesn’t turn anyone (normal) on. The moment someone uses their popularity and nudity for something good, their Instagram account gets banned.We will see much more of that. Unless you are a part of the club keeping their mouths shut about pedophilia, those able to grant celebrity status might remove you before you become “too big to control”.And no, I am not a fan of praising Ricky Gervais for normalizing it on international MSM. That is exactly what he did. Those who praise him and think something good was done are once again heading into the same direction enabling what they like to tell themselves Ricky is “fighting”.