Picking the right web hosting service is all about pinpointing your requirements early on.
Some services are quite cheap as long as your requirements are basic.
Then when you upgrade you wind up paying a lot more than you would have had you chosen a service offering all of those needed addons in a solid discounted package with better support due to employees having more knowledge in those fields.

I am personally recommending a basic service like Bluehost if indeed you believe your requirements are minimal, but be prepared to switch should you really step things up.
Saving with hosting is the wrong place to save as downtime is so essential, it can cost you sales and future business as well as credibility should your site be down too much.
You may not think that there are services which chance customers like you being upset, but you will be surprised, especially when hosting services that have once been successful are being sold to someone who is not really that capable and aware of making a hosting service run well.
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